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Third Point Interiour Page Design

Third Point RE Website Redesign

This design was meant to update Third Point RE's website to an attractive and engaging responsive design. Using their logo and beautiful photos of Bermuda,
I played off of their tropical location and 
colour scheme to create a compelling
and informative site.


Using UX best practices and keeping in mind the function and purpose of their corporate website, I combined imagery, icons and highlighted points of information to ensure that all of the key information a visitor to the site might be looking for would be easily accessible.






Mobile Design for Third Point

The corporate site also needed to house an extensive investors section, with years of financial filings to be displayed. Using accordian tables to organise the links neatly and intuitively, I also consolidated the IA to reduce the amount of clicks and pages needed to access key information.


I also created a simple in-page secondary navigation to align with UI best practices and insure that the information a user might be looking for is easily available.

The design was created to be responsive, with content tables and menus converting seamlessly over to tablet and mobile.

Third Point Homepage Design
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