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At Kobo, I worked as an Art Director for their internal marketing department, creating various concepts as well as executing a majority of them.


These included materials for in-store partnership promotions and international media from print to web assets, and even

a car wrap!


This poster was handed out at the London Book Fair to entice industry leaders to attend Kobo's sponsored after-party and was meant to be inspired by the venue.

Kobo Marketing Assets

This video was created as a promotional announcement for the Kobo app's new Window's platform version, as it had previously been limited to the Google Play store and iTunes. Playing off the grid system Window's OS utilises, it playfully displayed all the the material now available across the multiple Windows devices through Kobo's app.


I created the concept and storyboard, working with an animator to achieve

the final video.

For Mother's Day, Kobo created a promotion with their partner store, Indigo. This poster was designed to hang in-store at the point of purchase and spark the idea of a Kobo as a gift for those lovely mums.

In order to enourage device and app usage, Kobo would sell pre-packaged book bundles to be sold like gift cards, in partner stores. In order to appeal to consumers, they needed to appear different from the average gift card and have a strong visual appeal. I designed these three concepts to highlight each bundle's content while also remaining consistant with Kobo's bright, friendly brand.

This design was used for a car wrap in the Netherlands to help promote awareness of the brand in a new market.

Kobo wanted an imaginative banner for their LinkedIn page to help convey both the love of reading at the company and

the open, creative culture of the workplace.

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