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Netlist Icon Design
Netlist Interiour Page Design
Netlist Mobile Design

As this was Netlist's corporate website, it needed to appeal to both potential customers and potential investors, so key information needed to be highlighted clearly and appealingly.

The IA involved multiple levels, containing pages heavy with content, so the navigation needed to be intuitive and cleanly designed. The sub-menu in blue remained anchored at the top of the browser once scrolled past, to allow the user to browse through Netlist's product pages without feeling hindered by the amount of content within them.

The design was created to be responsive, with content tables and menus converting seamlessly over to tablet and mobile.

I designed a set of clean and detailed icons
to accompany key points of information,

as well as Netlist's products and services.

Netlist Website Redesign

Netlist Homepage Design

Netlist requested a responsive website update, along with a visual refresh of their online brand and assets. They wanted
to bring their site to life with a compelling, engaging experience. 


Inspired by the vast, advanced capabilities
of their technology, I created a stylized microchip look and feel. Coupled with
the rich blues of their original 
palette, custom-made icons, and a clean page structure, this created the new engaging web experience that they were searching for.

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