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Foxy Bingo & Foxy Casino

Foxy Bingo is a classic British brand best known for it's iconic Northern accented dancing fox front man. As part of Foxy's internal team, I conceptualised ways for this cheeky fox to promote a large variety of weekly and ongoing promotions to both loyal Foxy customers and those new to the Bingo world and Foxy's offerings.

Whilst working with Foxy, we went through a rebrand, going from highly vector based imagery to a more hybrid, photographic look. This included revamping Foxy's logo and colour scheme.

With the rebranding of both Foxy Bingo and Foxy Casino, the spirit of the campaigns became Random and Fun, playing off of puns and pop culture references instead of the overused bingo balls and coins of the general Bingo sector.

Foxy's furry mask was revealed to have been hiding Heather Graham, of Austin Powers fame, all along.

With each promotion, the general mechanics would be provided alongside
a few name suggestions. From there
it would be my job to create an engaging concept from sketch to responsive web formats and a variety of media.

Previous to the rebrand, Foxy featured heavily in each promotion. A method
of integrating vector based scenery and foreground elements along the theme of the promotion was used in creative ways.

Alongside web based promotions, I also created print pieces to accompany concepts that would be mailed out to customers to incentivise them to return to the site. Instead of simply stating the bonus they would receive, I created Foxy currency with the redemption details on the back as a fun physical reminder of the cash value they had been given.

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