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YMCA Concept & Logo

The YMCA is a global brand, and as such they wanted a global platform in order for people around the world to connect to both the Y and each other. With this particular project, they wanted a video community somewhat similar to TED Talks. They would post inspiring videos from some of their successful alumni, speaking to how the YMCA was involved in their lives and it's impact. Community members could then post their own videos either as stand-alone pieces or as responses to the orginal YMCA created one, speaking to how the alumni or the Y itself inspired their journey and passions.

Each of the videos would also be tagged and linked to related YMCA activities that viewers could then sign up for themselves. Users could also view nearby class schedules and events at their local YMCA on the site. The idea would be to create a chain of inspiration and action to get people more involved in both their passions and their YMCA community.

I also created a logo for a new program designed to connect youth leaders in the YMCA community via digtial platforms so that they could share experiences and ideas amongst each other.

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