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The Everything to Do With Sex Show

The purpose of this campaign was to attract more conservative couples to come and explore The Everything to Do With Sex Show. While more adventurous people might be attracted by the show's more risqué aspects, more traditional couples could still find ways to spice up their love lives by attending as well.


The idea was to convey how everyday activites could be turned into opportunities, alluding to the fact that attending the show would continue to help broaden their ideas and options.

Even mundane tasks which normally would be considered a chore could be a pleasurable experience with the right ideas and attitude, which the show could help foster or introduce.

The tagline 'More Ways to Play' was meant to draw in attendees looking for more ideas while also remaining discreet for it's public platform. It also helped suggest the idea of expansion on an already existing foundation, indicating inclusion for all levels of experience.

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